What’s with the Captain America shield? And those boots?!?!

 You were thinking it, admit it. What can I say, I love Captain America and what he stands for; justice, peace, and all that good stuff. The boots, I just love them because everyone hates them. Even though I’m not sure why, they have this constructiony, rusticky kind of cool to them that have just grown on me.

Random side-note: I pulled them out of my closet this morning and instead of them having their usual brown dusty color, they were white. So now I can describe them as color changing too?! They just became that much cooler. The love for them just keeps growing and growing. Ok, Ok, I’m sorry, enough about the boots, now for the formalities.


I’m Christina and I’m excited you stopped by!

I am a Christian, wife to an incredible man, mother of three, a culinary school graduate, lover of all things avocado, and not to brag but I sing pretty great in the shower. I have a passion for food, a passion for my God, and having the opportunity to boast about them together is an honor. Did I lose you?


How can you boast about God and food?

Well, along with the awesome recipes I share, I also have a side order of encouragement, aka Devotionals. I, along with my older brother Corey, will share with you whatever God puts on our heart. Hopefully, through my quirky, ever-changing, hectic life, you will get a good laugh and find some encouragement to keep on keeping on in your Christian walk. My brother Corey, who is a Bible student, husband, and parent of five, is passionate about God and it is apparent in every devotion he writes. For over a year now, he has consistently sent out daily devotions to practically everyone he knows and God laid it on my heart to ask him to be a contributing author on EE. When he agreed,  I felt so blessed and was overwhelmed with joy because I know his devotional contributions will energize and strengthen your Christian walk.


Five Interesting Facts About Me

  • I tend to make up songs about food when I’m cooking. For example, one of my pizza songs goes like this: Who’d ever thought, true love would be, something with garlic, crust, and cheese. 🙂 lol
  • I thank God for salt pretty often.
  • Every three or four years I end up changing my hair drastically.
  • I learned to cook, because I love to eat.
  • I love to travel, because I love to eat……. new things. 🙂

The Ultimate Goal

My prayer is that this site would not only feed your belly…………but also your soul.

Enough talk, let’s EAT!

Check out some recipes HERE!