First Step…

I will admit to you that I was reluctant to include this Call to Salvation on my site. Why, you ask?  Because its such an important invitation I was afraid to mess it up. Will I use the right words, am I qualified? Every reason you can imagine NOT  to put this on my site, I thought of. But then it dawned on me, fear is just a ploy to keep me from offering Christ’s invitation to someone that could reap eternal benefits from it; because that’s truly what it is. A life-altering, eternal-changing offer from God Almighty if we choose to accept it. A love invitation. Because God loves us so much He invites us to live with Him eternally. And He doesn’t just offer us eternal life with Him after death, but He wants us to have heaven on earth NOW ! He’s awesome like that! And because I love you and care about your salvation, fear can take a backseat and below you will find a simple prayer to pray in faith to accept Jesus Christ into your heart and make Him LORD of your life. Pray this prayer with me.

God, I am a sinner and deserve to punished. But I believe your son Jesus Christ paid that penalty for me on the cross and that through faith in Him I can have eternal life with you. I invite you to come into my heart right now and become LORD of my life. Help me to put my trust, hope, and faith in you today and forever. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen and Amen!

God’s Word says “…that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be saved.” So if you prayed that prayer in faith, PRAISE GOD!!! You are now a child of God and can share in the joy, promises, and all the benefits of being one of His children!

So, what’s next?

Great question! Well below I have provided a couple links to some great resources that will explain in depth what steps to take as a new believer and to answer some questions you may have as well.

Pastor Rick Warren. What does it mean to be saved?

Dr. Charles Stanley. I Am Saved Now What!

If you would like to share your decision with me, I would love to rejoice with you!