Tag: appetizers

Garlic Cheese Sticks

Nothing goes better with a pizza than cheese sticks. So it was a must to have on the table, if it had made it to my table. As soon as I pulled the bread halves out the oven and sliced them into sticks it was a free for all. I must admit I am also a guilty party. They just taste so good hot and cheesy with the perfect amount of garlic it was hard not to indulge. Don’t judge me.

Kiwi & Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Are you looking for something delicious, simple, but not quite the same ole’ thing? Let me introduce you to Kiwi Bruschetta. Kiwi Bruschetta this is (your name here). lol just kidding! I actually ran across this combination unintentionally. I was having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Tea Party (don’t ask lol) and I had it all planned out to make