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Banana Dutch Baby

I just love saying DUTCH BABIEEEEE!!! Who wants a DUTCH BABIEEEEE!! You should see the looks my family gives me when I walk around yelling this in the house. I just love these little pancakey skillets. Again I feel like I’m late to the party because I’d never heard of these before, but boy are they delicious! An extra simple recipe and it doesn’t even

Loaded Oatmeal

  Why? Because let's face it, oatmeal can get pretty boring. This morning I decided to have some fun with my food and load my usually boring oatmeal bowl up with a…

Foamy Matcha Vanilla Latte

So this morning I woke up with no intention of posting a recipe. I was headed to the kitchen for either coffee or green tea and my desire for …

Breakfast Pizza

I walk up to my daughter all excited one morning and say, “Hey do you want me to make you a Breakfast Pizza ?” She frowns her nose up (like she does with anything she hasn’t tried yet) and says, “What’s that? And what kind of sauce

The Breakfast Bagel

There’s nothing like a bakery fresh bagel to devour in the morning. And boy are they fun to dress up! Some days I just want to

Breakfast Kabobs

Everything is better on a stick. Or is that just my motto? I just love kabobs! They make normal food fun because they are bite-sized and usually accompanied with a gooey sauce. Am I right? Well this baby is no exception. It’s just a little twist on how you would ordinarily serve sausage and bacon. It’s sausage and bacon skewered on a stick and doused in an apricot bbq sauce. YUMMO!

Shirred Eggs

So you want a "real" breakfast but don't have the time to make anything elaborate? Solution:   Shirred Eggs.  It's just a fancy way of saying, a baked egg. This is my go-to…