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Every morning, without fail, as soon as I opened my eyes I would check my phone. Check my email, texts, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Everyday........without fail. It wasn't until one day as I…

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Part Two

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.” Isaiah 41:10 NLT Hello Beloved! I wanted to share some more about our comfort zones. Two of our biggest fears are failure and criticism.…

No Need For A V-8 Anymore

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of the vegetable drink V-8 that according to the manufacturer claims to give you all of the vitamin supplements to get you through the day. Well…

Is God qualified?

Is God qualified to handle our problems?

I, without thinking, answer that question and say “Yes, He’s God. Of course He is.” But why? Why is God qualified to take care of my troubles, our troubles? If God had a resume’ what would make Him qualified to handle what seems to us like such a huge job?

SHUT UP, devil!

I am learning to see the devil for who he is and continue to pray God gives me wisdom and discernment to see his tricks before….