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Me Too!

LORD knows that sharing my personal struggles and how God deals with me, on the internet for all to see and for all to…

Take the Gift, It’s Free!

A couple weekends ago I started serving in the Outreach Ministry. By nature I’m an introvert so you can imagine how …

I Lost, Only to Gain!

I rededicated my life to Christ a couple years ago. Somewhere along the road I fell off track completely. I made one compromise here, another compromise there, until one day I looked up in disbelief wondering how I strayed so far away from God. I had been seeking God and asking Him to help me find my way back to Him and one day

You Matter!

I don’t know about you but some times the enemy attacks me with thoughts of inadequacy, feelings that make me question if I even matter to this world. This morning I woke up with these feelings and I got mad. Extremely mad! Usually I’m pretty passive and calm and say to myself you matter but not today. Today, I told the devil to SHUT UP,

The stars aren’t as far away as you think!

Years ago the Lord put Marshall Mathers on my heart to lift up in prayer. For those of you who don’t know who that is you may know him by his stage name Eminem. I can recall the exact time the Lord laid him on my heart. I was in the bowling alley waiting for my turn to bowl and one of his songs came on

One door closed, a better one opened

Today my husband was describing to me a situation he was having regarding his class schedule. His plan was to knock out a couple courses for this upcoming semester but because his grades weren’t turned in on time from a previous class it delayed his paperwork and now he was unable to take any courses at all.

Godly Glasses

A not so good situation comes up in our lives; we have two choices. We can either look at the situation through earthly glasses or Godly Glasses.
What do I mean?
Well, a costly situation came up in my life yesterday and my first reaction was somewhat of the attitude “Why now??!!” Why not six months ago or even six months from now when I would be in a better position financially. I called my mom and told her what was going on and began sharing my frustrations with her.