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Turkey Kielbasa Foil Dinner

It doesn’t make any sense for dinner to be this easy and delicious!! If you have some aluminum foil and a few ingredients you’re in business and on you’re way to an amazing dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Berry Cobbler: made with love

Can you see the heart shaped biscuit? I hope so, because this baby was made with love. I put my heart in it, literally. 😉

Easy Peezy French Toast

I used to buy frozen French Toast for about $4 a box and each box only contained six slices. They were good or I wouldn’t have kept buying them but feeding my entire family, forget it! And buying numerous boxes the way my family eats, no way! So, I just stopped buying them all together. I never attempted making them from scratch because I assumed it would take forever to make.

Kiwi & Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Are you looking for something delicious, simple, but not quite the same ole’ thing? Let me introduce you to Kiwi Bruschetta. Kiwi Bruschetta this is (your name here). lol just kidding! I actually ran across this combination unintentionally. I was having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Tea Party (don’t ask lol) and I had it all planned out to make

The Skillet Cookie

Ooooeeey Goooey Deliciousness!!! That's how I describe this bundle of joy. Sure it's really just a chocolate chip cookie but when dressed up with a cast iron suit it's time for a…

Fruit Pizza

With all the pizza making that has been going on in my house lately making something sweet was a must! Not to mention I was in the mood for something on the…

Cabbage with Smoked Turkey

Growing up, cabbage to me was gross. I don’t know about you but whenever my family made cabbage it was always soggy and floating in broth and it stunk up the whole house. To my child-like mind that equaled gross. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I decided it was time to give cabbage another chance.