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Turkey Kielbasa Foil Dinner

It doesn’t make any sense for dinner to be this easy and delicious!! If you have some aluminum foil and a few ingredients you’re in business and on you’re way to an amazing dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Cajun Shrimp & Corn Chowder

Two things inspired me to create this dish; my boss, and my freezing cold body. BRRRRRRR......I just can't seem to get warm this time of year unless I'm eating or drinking something…

Homemade Turkey Chili

Homemade Chili is definitely one of the best foods EVER in my book. It's easy to make, you can customize it however you like, and you can eat it by itself, use as…

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll

Living in Japan you definitely see sushi everywhere, including my house. Hehe. It’s filling, easy to make, and my kids love it! I’m still working on my husband; let’s just say he’s not as adventurous with food as the rest of us. He would eat tacos everyday if I let him. lol Anyway, for this roll I tried something different, SPINACH!!!

Shrimp and Shallot Pizza with Rosemary

Sounds like a weird combo for a pizza, I know. But one day I was making a shrimp and shallot mixture for another dish and it dawned on me, this would make a great, PIZZA PIZZA. So WAHLAH (if that’s even how you spell that)! The shrimp and shallot pizza was born, at least in my house.

Arugula & Lemon Pizza Pizza

Do you remember those Little Caesar’s commercials and the caveman would always say, Pizza Pizza; well they have ruined my ability to say pizza one time. “Ma, what are we having for dinner?” My reply, “PIZZA, PIZZA” in my best caveman voice. My children are not amused by it anymore, but it still makes me giggle.

Mushroom Anchovy Pasta

I’m on a mushroom kick. My poor kids are going to end up loving these little fungus monsters if its the last thing I do! My youngest still picks them out but if I keep it up she will just end up eating them only because she’s tired of having to remake her dish. Either way I win!