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Breakfast Pizza

I walk up to my daughter all excited one morning and say, “Hey do you want me to make you a Breakfast Pizza ?” She frowns her nose up (like she does with anything she hasn’t tried yet) and says, “What’s that? And what kind of sauce

Shrimp and Shallot Pizza with Rosemary

Sounds like a weird combo for a pizza, I know. But one day I was making a shrimp and shallot mixture for another dish and it dawned on me, this would make a great, PIZZA PIZZA. So WAHLAH (if that’s even how you spell that)! The shrimp and shallot pizza was born, at least in my house.

Arugula & Lemon Pizza Pizza

Do you remember those Little Caesar’s commercials and the caveman would always say, Pizza Pizza; well they have ruined my ability to say pizza one time. “Ma, what are we having for dinner?” My reply, “PIZZA, PIZZA” in my best caveman voice. My children are not amused by it anymore, but it still makes me giggle.

Fruit Pizza

With all the pizza making that has been going on in my house lately making something sweet was a must! Not to mention I was in the mood for something on the…

Homemade Pizza Sauce

This sauce can be used on pretty much anything that requires tomato sauce but today we are going to use it as our Pizza Sauce.

Okay let me tell you, every-time I make this sauce I ask myself why didn’t I do this sooner. I never thought making my own pizza sauce would be this easy or quick. Call me late-to-the-party but it’s so easy it’s hard to even call this a recipe.

Easy Peezy Pizza Dough

This recipe is quick, easy, and tastes great! A winner in my book.

We eat pizza a lot!! My husband not so much, but the rest of us at least three times a week. More than the average family. Especially since I got my very own pizza oven that makes pizza in five minutes, we just can’t stop eating the stuff. It’s even become a contest on who makes the prettiest pizza.