The ‘Question Phase’ Part 2

“Since we are Christians, does that make us more special than other people?” Asked my daughter who is still in the question phase. They just keep on coming.

My reply was simple, ” No, God created everybody and loves everybody. He loves each and every person He has made.” She said, “because He knew us in our Mommy’s tummy?” I said, “Yup, you’re absolutely right; but we are entitled to certain benefits as a child of God. Just like being a child of the President has special benefits.” Of course her next question was what kind of benefits do we get, and I told her the best way I could in terms a child would understand, “You know all those promises God gives us in the Bible, those promises only apply to His children. Promises like eternal life, that He will never leave us, that He will protect us, and that He will be with us always.”

I guess that satisfied her question because her next question was about her Ipad game, but it was a pretty profound question from a ten year old. It reminded me that as a child of God, I have special benefits. I am made righteous, I can be healed, I can expect God to fight my battles, to give me peace in the midst of storms, and joy unspeakable. If you are not a child of God I urge you to get this VIP access pass that never expires. I saw on a church sign the other day that read, “Eternity is a long time to be wrong.” If that wasn’t a drop kick of truth to the gut I don’t know what is.

I have a friend that told me before she got saved she was afraid to walk in the church because she thought she would burst out in flames. We laughed, knowing now how untrue that lie is. If that were true everyone in the church would suddenly ignite in flames. We aren’t made righteous by what we do or don’t do, but we are made holy by what Jesus did for us. When we accept Jesus as God’s son and ask him to come into our heart and wipe every stupid, and disgraceful thing we’ve ever done away, we become children of God.

He doesn’t expect us to know it all or know Him as Father right away, a relationship has to be built on trust and God knows that. In Psalm 34:8 it says,

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” There is no other way to get to know Him than to try His goodness for yourself.

So I encourage you today, give God a try. I promise you you won’t be disappointed. What makes me so sure? Because I gave Him a shot and He hasn’t let me down yet and I know He won’t let you down either.

Be blessed loved ones!



Christina is a wife and mother to three beautiful children. She holds a degree in culinary arts and is currently enrolled in Bible college to become that much more effective for the Kingdom. Her passions include working with teens, cooking, and all things avocado. She and her family currently reside in the country of Japan.

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